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We are committed to providing exceptional and compassionate lifelong care for our patients. As a full-service veterinary hospital, we offer comprehensive and convenient medical, dental, and surgical services with a personal touch. Our mission is to re-invent the client/patient experience so that it is less stressful and more welcoming for both pets and their humans. We will care for your furry family member with thoughtfulness, kindness, and respect, and partner with you to develop individualized preventative medicine and treatment plans.

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For twelve years, Meggie, a West Highland White Terrier was my best friend. As an only child, she was my constant companion, playmate, fiercely loyal protector from anyone who dared tickle me, and the one I turned to when I needed a good snuggle. Even at a young age I cherished the very special human-animal bond and it is because of this that being a veterinarian is the only thing I ever wanted to be.

As a teenager I volunteered with our family veterinarian both in a small animal hospital as well as on farm calls. I loved all the animals, large and small. I had always loved science, but this opportunity allowed me to appreciate the challenges of clinical practice, but also to experience the unbelievable sense of accomplishment at having been a part of helping and healing animals.

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in biology and anthropology followed by a master’s degree in wildlife health and conservation biology at Columbia University. During these years I contemplated a career as a wildlife veterinarian. For my master’s research I studied howler monkeys in Argentina and gorillas and elephants in Uganda, Central African Republic, and Gabon.

I feel blessed to have been able to study these animals in their natural habitats and to have observed many other animals in nature as well, but weeks on end in these remote areas helped me to realize what a social creature I am. After my master’s degree I obtained a research position at the University of Pennsylvania where I worked on ground-breaking research regarding the development of parasite drug resistance in dogs, cats, sheep and goats. My time spent in academia was productive and resulted in six peer-reviewed medical publications in just two years, but I still missed being a part of the human-animal connection. The calling to practice clinical veterinary medicine was ever-present and so I obtained my veterinary medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Becoming a veterinarian was truly my lifelong dream and I am grateful for having achieved it. I know that it was my calling. For more than a decade I enjoyed an extremely rewarding career as an emergency veterinarian. I honed my skills working on complicated medical and surgical cases and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and the rewards of seeing my patients recover from serious trauma and illness. Since returning to the practice of general medicine and surgery, the greatest reward for me has been being able to form long-lasting relationships with my patients and their families. Working in partnership with pet owners and helping my patients through all of the phases of life brings me immense joy. I am honored by the trust placed in me and I am committed to ensuring that all of my patients receive the best care possible and are always treated with kindness, compassion and respect.

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